Latin and Greek Roots

Starter: Discuss the characteristics of good writing.
Record five sentence patterns from OWL.
Watch African 9-11 film.
Homework+ Revise existing paragraph bringing percentage of number one sentence types below 50%.

Starter: Respond to the foloowing quote by MIT linguist Noam Chomsky:
“Most problems of teaching are not problems of growth but helping cultivate growth. As far as I know, and this is only from personal experience in teaching, I think about ninety percent of the problem in teaching, or maybe ninety-eight percent, is just to help the students get interested. Or what it usually amounts to is to not prevent them from being interested. Typically they come in interested, and the process of education is a way of driving that defect out of their minds. But if children['s] [...] normal interest is maintained or even aroused, they can do all kinds of things in ways we don’t understand.”
Watch Sean Penn 9-11 film and free write. Use free write to create structured paragraph (typed, times new roman, double space).

A period-Watch both British and Mexican film shorts from September 11. Free write and discuss.
Collect Fineman reading.
E period-Watch Mexican film short and discuss. Read Fineman from O to F using A, R, G, L, M, D, T.

E period=same starter as A, begin vocab work in book 3, page 22 and 34 (1-10).
A -see E period, Langston Hughes groups
homework: read from large O to large F in Fineman reading. Use A, R, G, L, M, D, T.

A period (see 9/6)
E period: starter: What does the school intend to accomplish by assigning summer reading?
Remind students of summer reading on 9/21
Read langston Hughes' poem "Let America be America Again"
Students read poem in groups of three.

Starter: What is AMerican literature and what should it address?
Discuss political compass findings. Look at both economic and social.
Listen to Bill Clinton DNC speech
Begin reading Howard Fineman's "Who is an American?"
Discuss SAT requirements

Starter: photo of three African-American and one Anglo males
Watch Cory Booker speech from DNC and identify word choice
Read David Brooks' The Elevator Speech and annotate
Homework: Take the Political Compass test and chart number
What is American literature?
Read David Brooks' article "Party of Strivers" and annotate

Starter: What does an American look like, act like, speak like and believe?
Photo to board
Finish "America: The Multinational Society" by Ismael Reed.
Free write about your American vision

Starter: Is there anAmerican culture? Present students with list of beliefs:
Conservative Liberal
one culture multi cultural
creationism evolution
business environment
less govt more govt
state rights-federalism. national govt
religion, family values-tolerance, cultural relativism
imperialism, military--non-intervention

Starter: What are some of the more important American values and traits?
Read Mike Royko's piece "Greed Has No Race, Color or Creed" on page 927. Answer questions at end of section as a group. Discuss media, race and education.

Course introduction
What is American and who defines it?