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Course Outline:
1) Media Literacy
2) All About Me
3) Career Exploration
4) Current Events
Watch both Penn and Gonzales Inarritu 9-11 shorts. Discuss.

Finish Consuming Kids. Answer one of seven questions in blog entry.
Discussion Questions:
1) Dou you feel the First Amendment should protect corporations and the youth marketing
industry? Why or why not?
2) What role and responsibility do you feel parents should have when it comes to addressing
the commercialization of childhood? Is it fair to expect them to cope, on their own, with
a billion dollar industry? Or should there be policies in place that help parents protect
children from marketing?
3) Why do you think the U.S. government has not taken an active role in protecting children
from commercial culture? Do you see a difference between this issue and child labor
laws or laws mandating that children wear bike helmets or protect children from the
marketing of tobacco?
4) Do you feel that voluntary guidelines, or so-called “self-regulation,” by the youth
marketing industry offers enough protection for children? Are self-regulations working?
Or do you see a need for stricter policies and regulations that limit marketing that directly
targets children?
5) How has children’s media led to measurable declines in children’s health? What
correlations or connections can be made? Should the commercialization of childhood be
considered a public health problem?
6) Do you agree that we have become a nation that places a lower priority on teaching our
children how to thrive socially, intellectually, even spiritually, than on training them to
consume? Explain why or why not.
7) Where do we go from here? What are some ways that a less commercial childhood
experience can be constructed? What actions need to be taken and on what levels?

Begin exploring group project ideas. Students will create a ten minute presentation that explores the dangers of advertising. We will continue pair presentations. We will continue Consuming Kids.

To computer lab for pair work on advertisements. Present ad, audience, how ad appeals to audience

To computer lab for lesson on copyright law.

Continue with film.
Homework: Blog entry regarding questions from study guide. Eight sentences.

Begin Consuming Kids.

Guidance, interest inventory
class to watch "The Big Charade" to discuss advertising

Discuss media literacy
Create short ads and anlayze

Course introductions