Course Questions:
1) What is the importance of writing?
2) How do we determine the quality of writing?

Starter: How and where did you learn your work ethic? Use sentence types 3 and 4 once.
Discuss Dubus' "Digging" and collect homework.
Correct Editor-in-Chief # 5 (cross country skiing).

Starter-What does 9/1 mean to you and to the nation?
Watch Gonzalez 9/11 film short.
Quiz-What is direct writing?
Homework: Read Dubus' "Digging" on page 30. Answer six of 10 questions on page 40 (typed).

List five sentence types from OWL.
Homework: Read chapter 4 from Elbow (Direct Writing)

Starter: No starter
Using New Yorker cover, write a freewrite narrative (10 minutes). Share in groups of five or six.
Read chapter three of Elbow ("Sharing").
Read "The Mullet Girls" from the Riverside Reader.

Starter: What does Elbow explain as the benefit of freewriting?
Begin reading chapter 3 sharing from Elbow. Write two in class poems that students experiment with word choice. Share.
Homework: E-Mail your revised poem to someone you know and also forward to me:

Starter: How does close reading help one to become a better writer?
Read "memories of a Dead Man Walking" on page 60 and discuss questions at end.

John Cheever "Reunion"
Read first two chapters of Elbow.

Free write narrative. Use as discussion piece.
Begin reading Peter Elbow's Writing with Power.

Read Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant" on page 68
Answer questions at end of essay

Class introductions
Narration and Description
Read pages 21-28